Routine Examinations Are Important For Your Pet’s Health And Wellbeing

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Animal Health

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There has never been a truer statement than “an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure” when it comes to the health of your pet. Annual physician examinations help keep your pet in prime condition by identifying potential problems before they become exaggerated. Early detection will often prevent your pet from undue suffering.

Your pet’s history:

When you arrange to take your pet to a South Loop animal hospital the first thing the vet will want is to discuss your animal’s health history and background. If this is your first visit to this particular animal hospital it will help the vet considerably if you have your pet’s historic health records. The vet will want to know about its diet, the amount of water it consumes daily and any other issues that might be applicable.

The examination:

During the physical examination the vet will use the nose, ears and eyes as a barometer of its health.

The nose: Many people are of the opinion that a wet or dry nose is an indication of the health of the dog. Although there is a little truth to that the vet will be more concerned with evidence of any abnormal discharges or odd coloring or shape.

The ears: Dogs and cats have very deep ear canals to protect the inner ear; these deep canals invite parasites and infections. If you smell a strange odor from your pets ears or the pet has a tendency to dig and scratch at its ears it may be an indication of trouble. Although the vet will perform a visual check, it is always a good idea to mention any odd behavior or odors.

The eyes: An animal’s eyes are a window to its state of health. Often the vet will find evidence of cataracts which are symptoms of diabetes. An inspection of the eye may also unearth problems such as jaundice or anemia.

A South Loop animal hospital is the ideal place to take your pet for its annual checkup and to keep up with its vaccination program.

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