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Root Canal Treatment in Saskatoon, SK

Dental health is a significant component of the human body’s overall health. Sadly, many people overlook the health of their teeth, and forget that our teeth need regular attention to keep them in good condition. If we neglect to brush and floss regularly, we expose ourselves to the danger of dental decay. Our teeth can also get into poor condition because of wear and tear. Then, before we know where we are, we have a dental abscess, and the most excruciating pain: for this there is only one treatment, and that is root canal treatment. If you live in Saskatoon, where do you go for quick and painless treatment that will put an end to this misery? And what is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is the process of cleaning out the inside of a tooth. The dentist numbs the gum, then injects a local anesthetic so that he can work on this very sensitive part of your body without inflicting even further pain. The dentist will then drill a hole into the affected tooth. He can then remove the pulp, the nerve and blood vessels inside the tooth, so that a hollow tooth is left. This is then filled with a solid filling, so that no bacteria or any other matter can enter the tooth cavity again. By performing a root canal treatment instead of extracting the tooth, the dentist leaves you with a tooth in your mouth instead of a gap, which would look unsightly.

But to return to the topic of the origin of tooth decay: what is it and how does it start? A tooth starts to decay when the enamel, which is the durable and tough surface layer, has experienced wear and tear or is invaded by bacteria. The soft tissue inside the tooth, described in the paragraph above, becomes infected. As the soft tissue is surrounded by bone, the swelling that results from the infection cannot expand anywhere and causes pressure inside the tooth, which causes that awful pain that you experience.

The dentists in Acadia Dental are experienced in performing root canal treatments, as are dentists everywhere, as dental abscesses are a common problem. If you are new to Saskatoon you can thus be assured that there are plenty of dentists around who can help you. It is of course not always easy to find one who can help quickly in an emergency situation such as this, but if you go online you will find the contact details of a number of dentists, and you can phone their rooms for advice.

After experiencing a dental abscess and having a root canal treatment, you will possibly be reminded of the importance of practicing regular dental care so as to prevent a recurrence. And by consulting your dentist on a regular basis, you will be able to maintain healthy and whiter teeth.

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