Reclaim Your Life with Targeted Pain Management Therapy

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Pain Treatment

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Shoulder pain can strike suddenly due to an acute injury, or it can come on slowly over time due to age-related conditions such as arthritis. Regardless of how it happens, shoulder pain can significantly reduce mobility and lower your quality of life. If you’re living with Shoulder Pain Jacksonville, know that treatment is available and accessible in your area. Shoulder pain that does not require surgery can improve through pain management.

Pain management is specialized care for those suffering from acute or chronic shoulder and body pain. If you have persistent or reoccurring shoulder pain that you have not been able to get under control, then seek help from a qualified healthcare team.

Chronic shoulder pain is typically a result of inflammation, which is the body’s reaction towards an invader, such as pain or infection. Inflammation is the body’s way of protecting itself from further attack. Treatments such as anti-inflammatories, heat, or icepacks, can be viable solutions, but long-term pain requires targeted therapies.

Shoulder Pain Jacksonville centers provide solutions for chronic pain sufferers that include therapies, injections, exercise programs, and nutritional recommendations. Certain foods can cause inflammation in the body, and by reducing or eliminating them, you can gain relief from chronic pain.

Successful pain management is possible; however, chronic pain is not guaranteed to go away permanently. It can leave for a time and then return. Aging is a significant factor for many chronic pain sufferers. Living with chronic pain doesn’t have to result in a poor lifestyle. Today’s treatment options are highly effective in reducing pain and improving your overall wellbeing.

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