Quick OSHA Safety Courses

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Health

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration have a number of training classes on being safe. This is a quick overview about some of the topics that are typically covered in these courses. In the follow article you will find a number of areas that they will cover and the overall idea behind why they are being taught. This class typically takes about 10 or so hours of time and is usually completed in a few days.

Five of the Major Topics Covered in OSHA 10-Hour Training

This is the short list of 5 of the main areas that will be addressed in no particular order.

1: General Walking and Hazardous Surface – Every work environment is different. Some of them often times have dangerous flooring that needs to be navigated. This section of the lecture typically goes over how to maintain caution while moving around the work space.

2: Hazardous Materials – There are several occasions on many different jobsites where working with dangerous materials will come into play. This deals with the handling and care of things that can be potential dangerous or even deadly.

3: Personal Protective Gear – A number of places require things such as hard hats or harnesses that keep you attached to stationary objects to prevent slipping or falling. This area of the class covers the various types of equipment used on worksites that may need a bit more than your standard work clothes on a daily basis.

4: Power and Hand Tools – Using various tools can be tricky and some of them have the power to kill even the most seasoned veteran. A host of them are addressed based on the particular industry in which the course is taking place.

5: Prevention Plans & Response – Accidents happen all the time. These portion of the classes goes over how to be prepared against them and what to do in the event something happens to you or to someone else that you are near. It is meant as a means to control the rash actions that can take place immediately following a traumatic event.

Addressing these issues are a main priority for many companies on the cutting edge of construction, health care or any industry where being safe is a number one priority. If you work in one of these areas it is suggested that you attend one of these sessions and get yourself certified. If you job does not offer them then you should either ask that they do or try to get yourself certified on your own time.

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