Provide Quality Care While Working With Alzheimer’s Patients in Melbourne

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Assisted Living

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If you’re a nurse who works with Alzheimer’s patients, then you likely know that there can be challenges throughout the day. With patience and a caring attitude, there are ways that you can provide the highest quality of care while decreasing the amount of stress for you and your patients.


When you’re working with patients in Alzheimer’s nursing care in Melbourne, FL, you want to try to communicate in soft tones and without causing distress. Patients might become easily confused and might not understand everything that you say. Try to make patients feel safe with your words while making eye contact as much as possible. Some patients might require you to speak slower than others. Avoid arguing with patients as they sometimes don’t understand what they are saying.


While working in Alzheimer’s nursing care in Melbourne, FL, try to establish routines that are easy to follow. These include times when patients get up and go to bed, times when meals are served, and special activities during the week. Find out what your patients like to do so that they are prepared for the day and so that they look forward to their schedule. Find television shows or movies that they might like or crafts that they might like to do so that they have some of the same activities and feelings that they had before Alzheimer’s took over. A good support system from family and friends can be beneficial so that your patients have someone familiar to talk to during the day.

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