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Preparing For Pregnancy in Placer County

A woman’s health care needs are special. That’s why a woman needs to visit a doctor who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. It may be more important for a woman who’s planning on having a baby. The OB/GYN helps a woman prepare for pregnancy in Placer County and having a baby.

The doctor’s gynecological duties include diagnosing and treating problems of the female reproductive and urinary systems. Other duties include prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, and cancer screenings of the breasts, ovaries and reproductive system. The OB-GYN makes sure you have regularly scheduled mammograms. The OB-GYN also helps those in FL suffering from menstruation issues, and menopause. One of the main duties is the yearly exam. The pelvic exam consists of a pap smear, breast exam, palpitation for cysts within the reproductive system and STD testing.

Obstetrical duties include everything having to do with pregnancy. OB-GYN’s are truly always on call. They have patients who are expecting babies, any day and time of the week. The doctor also gives advice to infertile patients, on how to get pregnant. OB-GYN’s handle the entire pregnancy including: prenatal visits, ultrasounds, help for in utero babies in crisis and deliveries. OB-GYN’s also perform major surgery including cesarean sections. Laparoscopic surgeries are also provided.

California Birth Center is an OB-GYN office in Placer County. Certified Nurse-Midwives are registered nurses who have graduated from a nationally accredited midwifery program. Some women prefer to have a midwife help them during pregnancy. Midwives have been working in the U.S. since the 1920’s.

OB-GYN’s go to school for 13 years: 4 years undergraduate, 4 years medical school, 4 years internship/residency and a 1 year fellowship for obstetrics. The doctor has many other duties, if they own their own office. Everything that is done on a patient must be recorded on a computer file. It’s important for a woman to have a good relationship with her OB-GYN. Most women see the same doctor for most of their lives. They may have their first visit before they get married, and continue to see the doctor through menopause. It’s one of the longest relationships she’ll ever have.