Preparing for an Appointment at the Foot and Ankle Clinic in Glenview

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Health

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Many people know what to expect when visiting the general doctor. They may know exactly what is causing the reason for the visit, or they may have been there plenty of times before. But a specialist doctor is often seen far less often. One such medical discipline is podiatry. Podiatry is the practice of the feet and ankles. The foot and ankle clinic in Glenview gathers a staff with a cumulative 100+ years of experience in the field, capstone by a masterful podiatrist who needed nearly 11 years of practical experience and education before being labeled a practicing podiatrist. Incoming patients are always in good hands, but there are a few things someone can do to be prepared for an upcoming appointment.

1. Isolate the Symptoms

Podiatry is a field where it is notoriously difficult to describe the ailments. Times frames are important, as well as the level of pain and when. Some patients keep a small little journal that documents their progress and the specifics of the pain or lack thereof. This will allow the podiatrist to more easily pinpoint what is occurring. Because the joints are so complex in the ankle and foot, it is wise to know what exactly the symptoms are, their duration, and when they arise.

2. Organize the Insurance

Working with the insurance company is a necessity in US medical institutions. it is arguably more important in specialty practices. Make sure the patient is prepared with all proper medical paperwork and insurance cards. it is wise to call the insurance personally and verify if a specific clinic accepts the insurance. Going online may be effective, but there are often errors or outdated pages. The best practice is to call direct.

3. Special Walking Shoes

If pain is occurring in the joints, a switch of shoes may be a potential cause for relief. Explore these options by talking to a professional, and if one already owns the shoes, they should be worn to the office. This will allow the foot and ankle clinic in Glenview to review them for quality and suitability.

Podiatry is a demanding field that requires a lot of determination to conquer and become skilled at.  The above steps make the process smoother for all.

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