Prepare For Your Appointment With A Chicago Podiatrist

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Health

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Most people go to a Chicago podiatrist and then forget half the things they wanted to discuss. This is typically because many people get nervous before their visit or feel rushed because the doctor wants to get finished and on to the next appointment. However, writing down the questions or concerns you have, as well as bringing important items with you can certainly help make your trip more helpful.


Most people find they forget things when seeing the doctor, and an easy way to reduce the amount of forgetfulness is to make lists of questions, symptoms, medications and surgeries. Then, you won’t be trying to remember everything at once.

When thinking of questions, you may want to tell them what hurts or what is wrong and ask them why. Also, ask them what medications or treatments are available. When explaining your symptoms, make sure you note when you feel a particular way and what you were doing at the time. For example, many people with wrist pain automatically think it is carpal tunnel syndrome, but if your pinky fingers feel numb, it is likely not CTS at all, but something else. Knowing all of your symptoms is helpful.

Listing your medications and surgeries are important, as well. Many times, your Chicago podiatrist will want to prescribe you a medication that could react unpleasantly with other medicines you are taking. Sometimes, information from one doctor is not provided to another, especially specialists like podiatrists. Therefore, it is important that you have as much information about previous conditions and surgeries as possible.

Reports and Records

Bring along your reports and records, even though your primary care doctor will likely have forwarded the information to a specialist. It is important to know your medical history and bring reports, such as lab results, x-rays and MRIs so the podiatrist knows what has been done and what else needs to be done.

Other Items

Sometimes, your problem may be because of specific items, such as shoes, braces, stockings and more. If you think your problem may due to the shoes you normally wear or something similar, make sure to bring or wear those items so the doctor gets a better idea of the problem. You may be prescribed special orthotics, socks or compression hosiery to help offset the current problem you are facing.

A podiatrist in Chicago can help you feel better, but it is up to you to discuss everything that’s wrong.

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