Patients Are Keen To Show Off Their Thread Lift Before And After Pictures

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Health

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The change in the cosmetic surgery sector has recently seen a move towards patients looking for more non-invasive treatments than ever before. One of the most popular options for patients to undertake is that of the thread lift that has become popular for encouraging the natural development of collagen that can have a positive effect on loose skin. The fact there is no need for an overnight stay using the thread from where a potential patient can check out the thread lift before and after results.

The thread lift uses collagen to tighten sagging skin

As we age, one of the areas that tend to cause problems is that of the skin failing to remain tight around the face. The many different ways this sagging skin has been addressed over the years have included the use of the traditional facelift where the skin is pulled tight behind the hairline of the patient. Instead of this complex procedure that requires anesthesia, the thread or string lift is now used. The development of the thread lift has been based around the use of sutures positioned around the neck and head that promote the natural creation of collagen that is generally lost as we age.

Thread lift before and after reports show great success can be achieved

Age brings with it a lower amount of collagen that is produced and in turn, the thickness of the skin is also lowered. By promoting the development of collagen at specific areas around the face, the loss of skin volume can be reversed and a more youthful appearance is produced.

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