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Orthopedic doctors – Lots of learning, training and experience to look after your bones!

Orthopedics is defined as a division of medicine that focuses on injuries sustained to parts of our musculoskeletal system.  And Orthopedic doctors in Panama City FL diagnose and treat such injuries. Given the intricate and interconnected nature of the  human musculoskeletal system, these professionals need a lot of education and training to specialize in delivering quality Ortho care to their patients.

Practicing Orthopedic doctors in Panama City FL undergo many years of in-school and hand-on training before they are licensed to work with patients. Even before completing the prescribed 4-year course of training at med school, aspiring doctors must have successfully completed 4 years of undergraduate studies at a reputable college. And they still can’t practice as Orthopedic doctors in Panama City FL just yet. It will take another year of internships, and four more years of residency before they can get that honor.

And between undergraduate studies and finally being able to practice as qualified Orthopedic doctors in Panama City FL, there are constant hurdles that need to be crossed.  Medical College Admission Tests (MCAT), Applying for Med School, clearing the National Board exams and applying for Residency are just a few of the competitive phases that they must clear.

While many of the Orthopedic doctors in Panama City FL set up private practices after completing their residencies, a select few will opt to spend an additional year – either before or during their practice – to get the prestigious  Certified Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons designation.  This means yet another full year of advanced learning and training to deliver enhanced care to their patients.

And that’s not the end of it! Orthopedics requires a lifelong pursuit of upgrading your knowledge. As breakthroughs and advances occur in Ortho sciences, conscientious Orthopedic doctors in Panama City FL will take it upon themselves to study and keep abreast with the times. Techniques such as Radio Frequency therapy, Nerve Ablation, Epidural Injections, Ligament Reconstruction, Nail Bed Repair and Reconstruction and Osteotomy/Bone Realignment are hardly procedures that Orthopedic doctors in Panama City FL are proficient at immediately following residency. These are skills that they train for and learn over many years of their practice.

So when you realize that the clinic you are visiting for your Ortho related problem employs Orthopedic doctors in Panama City FL who carry the “Fellow” designation, uses state of the art equipment and technologies,  and offers a full range of Ortho services, including Personal Injury, Sports Medicine and Work-related injury consultations, you know you are in safe hands.  It is such practices that are most likely to offer their patients a continuum of Orthopedic care – from initial diagnosis, specialized treatment, ongoing physical therapy and high quality referrals to other specialists if needed.

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