The Smile Makeover that you want in Jacksonville

by | Mar 20, 2012 | Health And Fitness

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Jacksonville is fortunate to be the home of cosmetic dentists who can give you a smile makeover. This is a great relief to those of us whose smile is not perfect. These days we are all so conscious of our image. The television, magazines and movies project images of physical perfection: we see people with lovely figures, dressed in the latest fashions, and they all have perfect smiles.

What will these smile makeover dentists offer you? Can they really give you the smile of your dreams? The answer to the second question is yes: no matter what the problems are that you have with your teeth, there is a treatment that will bring about a considerable improvement to their appearance. As for the first question – this article will outline some of the options available to you so that you can have a smile makeover.

Some people need very little done to their teeth in order to get that smile makeover. Maybe just a little teeth whitening, or a minor amount of drilling off of rough edges to give the teeth a lovely even appearance. Other people need a little more. Some of their teeth, especially those that show when they smile, may be crooked or very discolored. Such people probably need to have veneers applied to those teeth. Veneers are wonderful: these caps over one’s own teeth hide all those imperfections, so that one smiles with beautifully even, white teeth.

People who have teeth missing are often very conscious of the gaps in their mouths and are reluctant to smile: they also hide their mouths when they laugh. It is awful to have to remember to prevent others from seeing their mouths in this way. Such people are especially in need of a smile makeover. Fortunately for them, they can find really good bridges and dental implants on offer via their Jacksonville dentists.

Youngsters whose teeth are growing out looking crooked, or with gaps between them, can be helped by having treatment with braces. Even adults’ teeth alignment can be considerably improved with braces: teeth are after all live structures sited in the jaw bone, which is also alive. With braces applying gentle pressure to the teeth, they can be moved into the correct alignment. Adults are often very self-conscious about braces. For them there is an almost-invisible brace called Invisalign which is discreet and difficult to see while in place.

Jacksonville’s cosmetic dentists use cutting-edge technology to treat their patients’ teeth. They draw on the findings of the researchers into cosmetic dentistry and apply these in their daily work. They are highly experienced and are able to give their patients a smile makeover no matter what the particular problem is, or the age of the patient. With a smile makeover, a person feels so much better about himself at work and socially – it is well worth going to a dentist for this!




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