Options For A Rehab Center In Thousand Oaks

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Health & Fitness

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Making the decision to enter a rehab center in Thousand Oaks is a positive step forward in your recovery. As with any type of recovery center when you are choosing an addiction recovery treatment facility you will have several different choices.

Learning as much as possible about each rehab center in Thousand Oaks will provide the information needed to make an informed choice. It also allows you to match a treatment process and model based on your own personal goals.

Client Centered or Method Centered

In general any rehab center in Thousand Oaks will fall into one of two broad categories for how they approach recovery. Some will be based on more of a medical treatment model where the same method is used for each client.

The other option is a client-centered approach where each treatment plan is unique to the individual. This is often more of a team based approach to treatment where traditional as well as alternative options are considered and evaluated for each patient.

Physical Symptoms or Mental Health Focus

While any rehab center in Thousand Oaks will focus on addressing physical withdrawal issues initially, the top programs will then move beyond this focus. They will provide education, mental health services, and assist in developing positive physical health, spiritual connections and enduring, healthy and strong relationships.

Group or Individual Sessions

Reading information provided by any rehab center in Thousand Oaks will provide prospective patients and their families with insight into the methods of treatment and support provided through the program.

It is generally considered best practice for the client to engage in one-on-one counseling and therapy with a qualified professional and to also interact in carefully structured group discussions and activities.

This combination of individual and group sessions in a rehab center in Thousand Oaks provides insight as well as additional education, lifestyle change ideas and the development of effective coping strategies. It also provides opportunities to speak with others experiencing and overcoming the same challenges in life. This is essOptions For A Rehab Center In Thousand Oaksential in helping to build a network of support and encouragement.

Not every rehab center in Thousand Oaks uses the same models and processes with their clients. Finding the right match for a recovery center and the treatment options is critical to getting the most out of the in-patient stay as well as in preparing for life after treatment and into recovery.

At Vantage Point Recovery we offer a comprehensive addiction rehab center in Thousand Oaks with a client-centered approach. To learn more about our highly regarded programs see us at www.vantagepointrecovery.com.

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