Need Hair Extensions? Scottsdale Hair Experts Can Help

by | Jun 27, 2013 | Healthcare

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Hair extensions can be used to give your hair a fuller look, to add volume for a special occasion, or as a solution to thinning hair. They can be used effectively by men and women, with stunning results. When shopping for Hair Extensions Scottsdale customers are typically offered several options. These may include:

1. HAIR LOSS PRODUCTS: Men and women who are just beginning to show signs of hair loss can often benefit from products designed to slow or stop the process. There are also products that can add fullness and thickness to existing hair.

2. HAIR EXTENSIONS: The fastest way to create the look of a lush, full head of hair is to add extensions. Salons such as Dontes of New York specialize in high-quality Keraflex Fiber products, which clip into hair and look natural. They can be heat styled, matched to your natural color, and are comfortable. Customers who want natural hair often choose Remy Hair, which also clips into hair, without glue or heat. When using these Hair Extensions Scottsdale professionals can color and style them to suit customer tastes. They are also easy to remove.

3. MICRO POINT CYBERHAIR: Professionals can add volume to both men and women’s thinning hair with Micro Point Cyberhair Solutions. In this process, stylists attach beautiful, natural-looking hair to their customer’s real hair using tiny knots. Thousands of strands can be added in a short time. Wearers can swim, sleep, or work in them and their hair always looks natural. Many customers choose this option just to add length or fullness to their style, even if they don’t have thinning hair. The process is a good solution for special occasions, or as a permanent hair-loss solution. Micro Point Cyberhair is not damaging to natural hair and can be added as an accent, or in panels.

Today people with thinning hair or those who just want to change their style can find simple solutions at a good salon. They may be offered products to diminish hair loss, or extensions which add fullness and style. Whether they use natural-looking clip-in extensions or Micro Point Cyberhair Solutions, customers can get a beautiful head of hair in one afternoon.


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