Neck Pain Treatment in Jacksonville FL for Stress-Related Discomfort

by | Feb 1, 2022 | chiropractor

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Research has found that psychological reasons are sometimes connected with back and neck pain. That doesn’t mean that the discomfort is only in the person’s mind or that chiropractic neck pain treatment in Jacksonville FL won’t help. Emotional and mental stress can lead to physical behavior that results in neck pain. For instance, the individual may be tense much of the time, causing muscles to be tight and soft tissues to gradually become strained. In addition, the person who has heightened physical tension may be more likely to suffer from work-related strain injuries. Such a person might sit in an unnatural position, hunched over and peering down at a computer screen hour after the hour instead of relaxing, sitting back and allowing the body to be in a comfortable state. Also, when muscles in the neck and shoulders are tense, it restricts blood flow, and that also can cause pain.

In addition, research has found that emotional stress can worsen existing musculoskeletal pain. Neck Pain Treatment in Jacksonville FL can ease the physical problem, but the patient should address the issues that are causing stress as well. Perhaps a situation at work or at home is troubling and worrisome. If the situation cannot be readily resolved, this individual may want to learn about relaxation techniques that can ease the effects of stress on the body and prevent back and neck pain.

Some researchers have even found a link between psychological stress and herniated discs. A clinic such as Absolute Injury and Pain Physicians offers spinal decompression therapy that can be of great benefit in relieving the pain of ruptured discs. During decompression, the vertebral bones are allowed to have more space between them, which in turn allows the disc’s gel-like material to move back into place. With the disc tucked away between the bones, the hard tissue does not press and rub on the nerves.

Patients differ a great deal in their response to chiropractic treatment for stress-related pain. Some only need two or three sessions and never have to return. Others find that keeping regular appointments holds their chronic neck or back pain at bay. They might have a routine chiropractic adjustment once every month or two, depending on their own particular needs.

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