Natural Food Supplements for Anti Aging

by | Jul 23, 2012 | Dentist

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A general healthy lifestyle characterised by the doing of physical exercise, eating a balanced diet, having enough sleep, and avoiding stress is generally recommended as an anti aging strategy. Though embraced by few, it is a sure way of living a long and healthy life. The use of herbal medicine for anti aging is not to be ignored however. When herbal supplements are used in the light of the healthy lifestyle that is proposed herein above, the results yielded are even better and aging is greatly curtailed. After all, we would all love to keep young, right? Examples of herbal medicines that can be used for anti aging Palm Springs are:

1. Joint Support Advanced
This herbal supplement mainly contains glucosamine and scutellaria. The former is very important in enhancing joint functions by providing the required strength. Herb scutellaria on the other hand is an antioxidant, which is widely reputed as one of the best natural ways of reducing the aging process. This herbal medicine, which is produced by Herbalife International, also contains nutrients such as Manganese, Copper, and Selenium- all of which inhibit oxidation and thus are widely reputed anti aging supplements. It is also worthy to note that Joint Support Advanced is also credited for its good taste and the pills are very easy to swallow.

2. Mega Garlic Plus
As the name suggests, this natural supplement contains garlic. One Mega Garlic Plus tablet gives an equivalent of a whole garlic clove- with the added benefit of avoiding the bad taste and smell of garlic. Further, it is laden with enteric, which facilitates the release of the active ingredients of the product upon ingestion into the product. This ingredient catalyzes the process of absorption. The health benefits of garlic are very many. First, Mega Garlic Plus facilitates anti aging by improving cardio vascular health. It enhances a healthy circulation of blood and protects the heart. It is also a natural antioxidant thus reducing the aging process. Another reason why you should consider garlic for anti aging Palm Springs is that studies have linked its consumption to a lower incident of cancer. Mega Garlic Plus only uses garlic that is of the highest quality to yield the best results. The immunity of the body is enhanced through the use of garlic.

3. Niteworks Powder Mix
Niteworks Powder Mix is a herbal supplement that facilitates production of Nitric Oxide in the body when the levels in the body are lowest. This is mostly at night. This product is lemon flavoured and hence it is easy to swallow. Niteworks improves the flow of blood in the body thus having a positive effect on the brain and heart functions of the body. It also helps in ensuring the blood vessels are kept flexible. This improves blood circulation thus making it an anti aging favourite.





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