Long-term Care and Rehabilitation Therapy in Old Saybrook, CT

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Health

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Recovering from surgery or health issues may require a stay in a rehabilitation facility that can monitor patients progress in regaining strength and mobility. Individuals who have suffered a cardiac episode that has left them with limited mobility, need monitoring and therapy to get back to living on their own. Many will find a facility specializing in Rehabilitation Therapy in Old Saybrook CT is the place to recover and get the individual therapy they need.

Rehabilitation offers patients who have experienced severe traumas by working various areas of the body and the mind. A rehabilitation plan is based off a person’s capability levels coming into a program and designing exercises to strengthen those abilities to next level. Many people find that participating in a program will help to improve range of motion and fine motor skills that were damaged as a result of injury or illness. In severe cases patients need various therapies at once to be cleared to return home. Doctors will prescribe rehabilitation at a facility on an out-patient basis or in-patient, based on the recovery needed. Those who have undergone heart surgery or lengthy hospital stays due to a long-term illness will be transferred to a Rehabilitation Therapy in Old Saybrook CT facility to receive the next level of care needed.

Patients who are referred for long-term care enjoy comfortable rooms with staff available round the clock to assist. The programs offer care designed to develop patients overall health to return to normal activity. Physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists work together to improve a patient’s ability to handle basics like dressing, bathing, walking and even communicating their needs. In more complicated cases patients will have extended stays in a facility with daily rounds to different therapy sessions. In many instances though a patient will make enough progress to be released home or to a family member. Therapy sessions will usually continue in an out-patient setting.

Facilities caring for those who require assistance after illness or injury help the patients and loved ones. Programs offer education to caregivers on how to properly assist in the rehabilitation process. Showing them at home exercises or just how to aide in getting the patient up without injury. Gladeview Cares is a long-term care facility offering quality physical therapy to help people regain their lives. Visit  to see what the facility has to offer patients.

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