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Indications that an Eye Exam in Wichita, KS is in Order

You might need to schedule an Eye Exam in Wichita KS if you notice that you have difficulty reading street signs, have occasional blurred vision, or straining to see the road at night while driving. These are just a few possible indications that your vision isn’t what it used to be. You are not alone -; more than 60 percent of the adult population, world-wide, require vision correction.

The bright side is that more than 80 percent of vision impairment can be corrected. Changes in visual acuity develop over time, such that they happen inconspicuously, and occur seemingly overnight to the individual. The following are common signs of vision impairment.

  • Blurred Vision -; If you’ve noticed that when reading closeup, the words are blurred or you can’t recognize a familiar face from a dozen feet away, you might be in the early stage of farsightedness or nearsightedness. Difficulty seeing objects both far and near, may be a condition called astigmatism, a result of curvature of the cornea.
  • Night Vision -; Finding that your night time vision is fading such that you have trouble seeing objects with clarity at dusk or dawn might be an indication of early cataracts. Difficulty seeing the road during night time driving, especially in the rain or oncoming headlights, is another indication of worsening vision.
  • Headaches -; Suffering from more headaches than usual, or if headaches are a new occurrence, may be the result of eye strain. Eye strain is the result of the small muscles in the eye having to compensate for failed or weakened mechanisms that are responsible for helping the cornea focus.

Other common signs of vision impairment include double vision, seeing halos around lights at night, feeling pressure behind the eyes not associated with a headache as with sinus conditions, or noticing that it takes longer for your eyes to adjust to transitions in light, such as coming indoors from bright sunshine. Visit us for more information on these and other signs that an eye exam might be in order.

The only accurate means to determine if you have impaired vision is to have an eye exam in Wichita, KS. An eye doctor or an optometrist can perform the necessary tests in usually less than 30 minutes. Not only will your vision be tested, but the overall condition and health of your eyes, will be evaluated.