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Improve Revenue Cycle Management With Urgent Care Solutions

When it comes to emergency room operations, billings management plays an important role. In the hectic environment of high patient turnover, billing opportunities can be missed and revenue can not be optimized. To help you get the most revenue from each patient, Pulse Check has created Urgent Care Solutions. This all-in-one patient management app will allow you to handle revenue cycle management more efficiently.

Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Management does not require any difficult hardware or software to install. The entire system is cloud-based and can be managed as a smartphone app. That means all medical and billing personal will have real-time access to important information. This will ensure faster and more accurate billing. No more missing billing opportunities or having confusing information that will take hours to sort out. Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Management will keep your entire billing team on top of every patient’s billing and insurance information.

Urgent Care Solutions from Pulse Check is designed to be easy to use by all of your medical and billing personnel. That means you can implement the system across your entire team in a matter of a few weeks. Additionally, we can work with you to migrate your existing patient billing, insurance and medical information onto the system. Our system can also integrate with major lab companies such as Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp and other third-party labs to increase billing efficiency. Finally, Urgent Care Solutions offers flexible payment options. You can pay on a monthly subscription or a per-transaction basis. We at Pulse Check will work with you to help streamline your operations and increase your revenue.

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