Importance of DHA for pregnant women

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Healthcare

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DHA, like Omega-3, is called fatty acids as they only come from an external source. Development of a fetus is dependent on the mother’s health, which makes it essential for a mother to have a proper diet and take all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to start taking DHA prenatal vitamins at least six weeks before conception. Taking the supplement should also continue through nursing of the child.

Reduces the risk of developing heart disease

DHA is very healthy for the heart and has even more benefits for a fetus. Getting DHA from eating fish poses two challenges. One, being that not all pregnant women eat fish, and even when they do, it would still lack the proper amount of DHA needed.

Reduces the risk of preterm births

Intake of DHA reduces the risk of having preterm labor and delivery. This makes it even more essential to have a right amount of DHA intake either through food, supplements or both.

Prevents inflammation

DHA has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in improving other condition like autoimmune diseases or chronic diseases. One such situation is rheumatoid arthritis which causes joint swelling and pain.

Improves ADHD

A disorder that makes one have difficulty concentrating and have impulsive behavior starts during childhood. DHA helps proper blood flow to the brain and promotes mental focus especially during mental tasks.

Muscle recovery

Strenuous activities may cause muscle soreness and inflammation. As already mentioned, DHA helps in reducing inflammation; this also promotes fast muscle recovery.

DHA is often partnered with EPA. But DHA alone has all the benefits mentioned. It is highly recommended for a pregnant woman to have a daily intake of DHA Prenatal vitamins. This has proven to be beneficial, not just to the mother, but to the fetal development as well. Taking care of your child inside the womb is just as important as taking care of that child outside of it.

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