Choosing a Family Physician

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Healthcare

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No two patient-doctor relationships are the same. Some Wichita Medicine Specialists family physicians have cared for their patients for decades, whereas others have only worked together for a year or two. Choosing a family physician based on initial comfort level is important to maintain an honest and open communication channel. Here are some additional tips on finding the perfect family physician.

In Network Doctors

For many patients with health insurance, providers may only cover certain doctors. To ensure your insurance policy covers future doctors visits, double check which Wichita Family Medicine Specialists fall within the network. If a doctor is not covered, the insurance company either won’t pay at all or will pay a reduced amount, increasing your out-of-pocket expenses.

Family, Internal and General Practice

There are three primary types of practices. Family practices treat individuals of all ages, from newborn babies through to the senior years. Internal medicine practices typically specialize in the treatment of diseases. General practices are similar to family physicians; however, the doctors within this office may also practice alternative medicine. There are directories that can assist in finding the best practice to meet a patient’s needs.

Visit the Doctor

Because the most important factor in choosing Wichita Family Medicine Specialists is comfort level, it’s important to meet with a doctor before choosing them as your primary care provider. Although doctors are able to examine a patient’s body, they can’t read a patient’s mind to fully know and understand what is going on. Therefore, it’s important to feel comfortable enough to share valuable, often personal, information with your physician.

Overall, it’s critical to invest some time in finding the right family physician for yourself and the rest of your family to ensure quality care for all.

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