If you have a sick pet you need an animal hospital in Odenton

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Animal Health

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People with pets tend to treat them as family members and when they get sick, an animal hospital in Odenton may be needed, depending upon the severity of the illness. When you bring your pet back home, you want it to be as hale and hearty as before the illness and to accomplish that takes a combination of a great veterinarian and a superior clinic to work from.

If you’re new in an area what is the best way of finding an animal hospital in Odenton that you feel you can put your trust in and feel absolutely at ease with when the time comes for pet care? How do you know that you have chosen the right vet?

Looking for the right vet:
When you are looking for the correct vet and clinical facilities, the location with respect to your home is an important factor; however, the closest may not be the best. An extra few miles of driving may put you with a vet that both, you and your pet are comfortable with because just as with humans, the bond between doctor and patient is significant. If your pet is the least bit apprehensive about a vet it will be more difficult to treat the animal, so “vibes” is more important than proximity to your home.

Pay particular attention to the staff:
Once you feel that you can be comfortable with the vet, turn your attention to the staff. Your animal and you will spend more time in the presence of staff members than the vet himself. Determine if they are caring and appear to know how to handle animals in a way that makes you comfortable. The staff at the animal hospital in Odenton is akin to the nurses in a human hospital.

There will be little doubt that the vet himself will be educated and licensed but make sure the staff that comes into contact with your pet are certified or licensed veterinary technicians. As there is not a law that states that the person giving your pet anesthesia or drawing your pet’s blood has to be licensed, some clinics will hire unaccredited support staff to save money.

With the advent of the Internet searching for potential candidates is not difficult. Not every animal hospital has a web site though, so do not completely discount the telephone yellow pages. The ad, whether it is on the Internet or in the phone book should include a list of the services they provide, their office hours, location of course and the names of the doctors.

Office hours are an important consideration because your pet can need the services provided by an animal hospital in Odenton at any time. Having emergency capabilities is a consideration when choosing your vet. There are some clinics that do not have inpatient facilities, it may be best to avoid them for care and perhaps consider them for grooming purposes or treatments that can be done on an outpatient basis.

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