How to Prepare for Comprehensive Eye Examinations in Honolulu

by | May 9, 2018 | Eye Care

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A major part of maintaining good vision health is checking the condition of your eyes regularly. Comprehensive Eye Examinations Honolulu for children and adults can assess the overall condition of vision and help eye specialists detect the presence of eye diseases along with eye disorders. It’s beneficial to use the following tips to prepare for a comprehensive eye examination to make an assessment more productive and less stressful.

Fully Fill Out All Patient Forms

It’s essential to fill out all patient forms. This includes information on insurance as well as the current status of your eye health. Disclose all necessary details so the eye specialist can review the forms before your first visit. Return these forms a few days before your first visit so the office personnel can process any insurance information.

Note All Current and Past Medical Problems

Even when you have given information about your health on a medical questionnaire, it’s beneficial to make detailed notes of your past and current medical problems. These problems can be directly related to the current health of your eyes. Also, be prepared to tell the eye specialist about eye diseases and eye disorders family members have. Inherited eye disease can play a significant role in vision health.

Know What to Expect

To make Eye Examinations Honolulu calm and productive, it’s advantageous for individuals to understand the basics of these assessments. An individual will be given eye numbing drops so eye pressure can be measured. Other tests likely to be given include visual acuity tests, color blindness tests, cover tests, eye movement testing, and depth perception testing. Other tests may be given depending on a patient’s needs. It’s imperative for an eye specialist to understand how vision has been affecting a patient’s life. For this reason, be prepared to answer in-depth questions about the way your vision functions on a daily basis.

By implementing these easy suggestions, patients can relax and have Eye Examinations Honolulu performed in a calm setting using the most modern equipment. For information on eye assessments or other eye services, please talk to a specialist at Hawaii Vision Clinic. The experts at this clinic offer eye services including general ophthalmology and laser cataract surgery.

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