How to Choose a Good Psychologist in Illinois

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Health

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According to a 2012 survey done by the American government, about 1 out of every 5 Americans suffers from a mental illness. However, few Americans with mental illness seek the help of a psychotherapist. Some people never see a psychotherapist until wither a family member forces them to go or they reach a crisis point such as trying to commit suicide. This is an unnecessary tragedy. Here is how to find a good psychotherapist Illinois and elsewhere.

Do Not Use Yellow Pages

A psychologist Illinois that advertises in the Yellow Pages is not necessarily a better psychologist than one who doesn’t. According to, many fine psychotherapists and psychologists never bother advertising their services, usually because they are too busy and get plenty of patients from referrals or doctor recommendations.

Ask Professionals for Recommendations

No matter kind of doctor you see, he or she should be able to recommend a good psychotherapist for their patients. Even if the doctor is not sure, the doctor’s staff should be able to help give you contact information for good psychologists and psychotherapists in the area. You can also ask your dentist or just about any professional you trust, such as a lawyer, priest, rabbi, pharmacist, health insurance company or financial advisor.

Check Online

There are many websites that you can search to find information about psychologist Illinois and elsewhere. Unfortunately, many of these websites are suspect. Reputable websites that you can check out include the American Psychological Association, WebMD and Psychology Today. The latter website is especially good because you can search for psychologists based on their price range or gender.

Check With School or University

More and more schools, colleges and universities are becoming aware of the importance of mental health for young people. If you are the parent of a child that you feel has mental illness, ask your school for help in locating a psychotherapist. College students can ask their advisors, administration or on-campus health professionals for recommendations. All inquiries are kept confidential.

What About Psychiatrists?

Although most psychiatrists merely provide medication for their patients, some do offer talk therapy services along with prescriptions.

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