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How does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

There are a number of weight loss programs that include an element of hypnosis as an effective tool. During a session of hypnotherapy weight loss in London the hypnotist first relaxes the individual and then alters the individuals state of mind at which time specific suggestions are implanted and instructions are given that relate to weight loss. When a person is in a relaxed state the objective is to give suggestions that are more easily absorbed by the sub conscious and then applied to daily situations. Depending on the root cause of the overweight condition the suggestions are personalized. In some cases the hypnotist is a trained mental health practitioner.

During a session which is dedicated to hypnotherapy weight loss in London the hypnotist attempts to isolate the triggers that are at the root of the bad dietary habits and correct them. This is done by the hypnotist repeating phrases over and over to create a mental image. People are usually more susceptible to following suggestions when they are made while deeply relaxed. The hypnotist will attempt to get the patient to modify his own behaviour. While in a hypnotic state the patient may be given instructions on how to alter his eating habits or how to become motivated to undergo exercise. If the hypnotist is successful then the overweight patient will be able to make these changes on his own.

Mental health practitioners often use hypnotism when working with people who wish to lose weight. Although there are many people who claim to be hypnotists, experts in the field suggest that patients seek help from an individual who has some credence in the field of psychotherapy. It may be possible to learn the art of self-hypnosis; the courses are available from the internet and come with a full complement of instructions and accompanying materials.

Most people who undertake hypnotherapy weight loss in London claim it has worked for them. Although the medical fraternity does not doubt the effectiveness of hypnotism, they do recommend that the best approach is to combine hypnotism with exercise and a modified diet. The patient is also cautioned against expecting miracles, no weight loss program is quick and simple, a long term effort is required but in the end, the weight loss can be considerable.

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