4 Important Questions to Ask Cosmetology Schools in Wichita Before Enrolling

by | Jun 13, 2013 | Beauty

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If you plan on studying Cosmetology Wichita, it’s essential that you choose a Beauty School in Wichita that will best fit your needs. When it comes to Cosmetology Schools Wichita has a variety of options to choose from. But how do you know which one well best to prepare you for your future career? Keep reading to find out the questions you should always ask before you enroll in a cosmetology school.

Are you fully accredited?

Making sure that a school is fully accredited is extremely important. Not only do accredited schools follow higher standards that can improve your education and further your career, but it’s often a requirement that a school be accredited to receive financial aid to attend it.

Does your classes teach skills beyond the basic state requirements?

All schools are required to teach a standard set of skills that will enable their students to pass state licensing exams, but that doesn’t mean the education should stop there. Trends and techniques are constantly changing in the world of cosmetology, and a good school will regularly update their curriculum to teach students cutting-edge skills.

How much time will I get to practice on real clients?

While mannequins are a useful tool to teach new skill sets to students, nothing can prepare you for work in your field like ample practice on real clients. You should make sure the school you’re considering allows plenty of hands-on time to work on real people in a salon setting so that you know how to handle a variety of situations when you land your first real job. Real hands-on time teaches you valuable people skills as well.

Where were some of your recent graduates hired?

A good beauty school should have no problem providing you with this kind of data. It’s a good idea to use this information by calling the salons and asking if they’re pleased with the school’s alumni. This can give you a very good idea whether or not the school you’re considering is adequately preparing students for real-life scenarios.

When it comes to Cosmetology Schools Wichita students should take the time to ask the right questions before they decide to enroll. The right school can do wonders for your education and your future career. Visit the website for a progressive cosmetology education that will prepare you for a great career in cosmetology.


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