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How Do Chiropractors in St Augustine Help Their Patients?

The way chiropractors approach your treatment is very different than medical treatments you might have had in the past. Chiropractics is geared towards healing that does not rely on invasive treatment methods or prescription medicine that could be potentially harmful. In general, most chiropractors firmly believe the human body is able to handle healing on its own. However, most people simply never access the body’s natural healing abilities. The spinal column, which is similar to a mission control for your body’s nerve sensations, is very much in charge of what you feel and when you feel it. This includes all the nerve sensations like pain. For example, if your back is hurting terribly, it can often be tied to something going wrong with the way that your spine is aligned (or, to be more precise, the way it is misaligned).

When you are examined by one of the local chiropractors in St Augustine area, your first visit will normally include a physical examination. During this exam, your chiropractor will carefully palpate the back area, from the neck to the tailbone, so they can identify spinal mis-alignments and problems. Sometimes, your chiropractor will also have x-rays taken so they can get a closer look at the spine. If the vertebral discs or the cervical discs are thought to be the main cause of the pain, it may be necessary to have more sophisticated imaging like an MRI since x-rays don’t show soft tissue like the discs.

Your chiropractor can correct spinal issues with adjustments. Usually, the adjustments are performed by hand, but sometimes the chiropractor will use a special set of tools for very precise alignments. Some patients also benefit from extra therapy, for example heat and cold therapy. Your chiropractor can also show you special exercises that will help strengthen the muscles supporting the spine, which can help prevent future injury and pain.

If you think that one of the local chiropractors in St Augustine might be able to help you, consider calling to ask for a consultation visit. This will give you the opportunity to get an examination and discuss your injury and treatment plan with the chiropractor. You may find that good health is closer than you think.