Have a Laser Hair Removal Appointment? Here’s How You Can Prepare for It

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Hair Care

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More and more people are getting fed up with waxing and shaving to remove their unwanted hair. As a result, they’re turning to more permanent methods like laser hair removal in Philadelphia. Laser hair removal has been proven to be a safe procedure that can effectively remove hair forever. If you’ve made an appointment to get rid of unwanted hair finally, then here’s how you can prepare yourself before your meeting begins.

Don’t Wear Makeup
While it may feel odd to go somewhere bare-faced, it’s essential that you don’t wear makeup if you plan on having laser hair removal performed on your face. Makeup can interact poorly with the laser. So, if you want that pesky hair along your lip and chin to go away forever, skip wearing Makeup for your appointment.

Another task to complete before you head to your appointment is to shave. It may seem like you’re doing a job additionally, but shaving before a laser appointment can help yield better results. This is because the laser can better access the hair follicles beneath the skin. Hair that has pushed through the surface can block and interfere with the laser. Sometimes specialists will shave the area for you, but it’s always a better idea to cut the area yourself beforehand.

Don’t Tan Beforehand.
Although you may be getting laser hair removal to wear your bathing suits with more confidence, you should try not to tan beforehand. Lasers work by distinguishing between different colors. A tan, especially a fake tan, can confuse it and yield more mediocre results.

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