Getting Chiropractic Treatment for Musculoskeletal Issues in California

by | Mar 13, 2024 | chiropractor

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If you recently got involved in a car accident, you can start on a journey of recovery by getting professional help. Whether you are dealing with a shoulder injury or a herniated disc, seek an auto injury doctor in Lancaster, CA.

Getting Chiropractic Treatments

Musculoskeletal problems can sometimes be complex. A herniated disc, for example, can be often caused when there is a slipped disc. However, a person who has a herniated disc can also have sciatica. This is when the sciatic nerve is compromised. And sciatica can also cause severe pain in the lower back as well as lower extremities. If you are dealing with back pain, look into an auto injury doctor in Lancaster, CA. An experienced chiropractor can evaluate your condition. You can go through spinal decompression therapy, which involves the manipulation of the spine. Once you go through this type of treatment, you will feel less pain and feel more mobile.

Other Supplemental Treatments

Musculoskeletal problems can cause a lot of pain, and pain can compromise people’s mobility. If you are struggling to perform your daily activities, look into an auto injury doctor in Lancaster, CA. You can go through ultrasound therapy, which involves the usage of sound waves. It is effective against swelling and inflammation. Once you go through this type of therapy, your mobility will also increase. There is also cold laser therapy. The wavelengths of light improve the body’s ability to recovery. Cold laser therapy is great against chronic conditions.

There is also a program on nutrition. Contact Allied Chiropractic for more information.

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