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Get Prepared: Cat Boarding in Cincinnati, OH

Cats are usually much easier to handle than dogs when you need to spend a day or two away from home. They tend to be fine roaming around the house with food left out for them, and a clean litter box to start out with. A longer journey away from home, however, may warrant some professional care. Your cat needs to have regular access to clean water and litter. When you are preparing to board your cat, there are a few things that you can do to make the transition easier.

The Necessities

Your cat needs all the comforts of home in the boarding facility. They are going to exposed to a lot of new smells and sounds. It can help comfort them to have a familiar blanket, toy, or bed. Owners often leave a shirt they have worn to help keep the animal calm. There are some great options for cat boarding in Cincinnati, OH. You can also ensure that the right amount of food is given by prepacking each serving in individual baggies. This way there is no confusion over the amount to be given. Cat boarding can be a positive experience when you are prepared.

Visiting the Facility

Pet owners often feel better when they visit the facility prior to leaving their cat. Take a tour of the area where the cats stay. They are usually separated far away from the dogs to keep the loud barking at a minimum. You may be able to take your cat with you to the visit, as well. This can give them a chance to smell the new environment and meet the caretakers. Most owners feel better about cat boarding after they see where their cat is to be kept. Animal Ark Pet Resort strives to add a little luxury to the boarding experience.

It can be difficult to leave your pet with others, even when they are professionals. Take the time to prepare your boarding items and visit the facility beforehand. Your cat can be kept safe and well fed. You can also connect them on Facebook.