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Frequently Asked Questions about the MRI High Field Scan

If you are thinking about getting an MRI high field scan in Riverhead, NY, you should acquaint yourself with the current literature on such a technological scan, be familiar with the terms, and understand how the test is performed.

1. What is MRI?
MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This process allows physicians to examine inside a patient’s body without invasive surgery, the usage of dyes, or x-rays. The MRI scanner produces clear images of the person’s anatomy using magnets, radio waves, and computers.

2. What is MRI high field?
MRI high field means that the scanner utilizes a very strong magnet compared to the conventional MRI scanner. Magnet strength is measures in Tesla units. High field MRIs were usually 1.5 Tesla machines, but now there are 3.0 Tesla machines available for use.

What is the MRI high field scan used for?

1. The MRI high field scan is an ideal choice for patients in Riverhead, NY who have spinal and joint problems, since the MRI can create detailed images of soft tissue structures near and around bones.

2. The images produced by an MRI high field scan allow physicians to diagnose sports-related injuries and see small tears and injuries to ligaments and muscles.

3. The MRI high field scan can be used to diagnose a wide array of medical problems, including coronary heart disease, other heart problems, breast cancer, tumors, and functional disorders, among others. This makes the MRI a preferred diagnostic tool among physicians in Riverhead, NY.

4. The MRI high field scan is also used to examine organs of the chest and abdomen, as well as male and female reproductive systems, since there is no radiation exposure involved and the procedure is relatively less invasive than others.

What are some of the advantages of the MRI high field scan?

1. Some advantages include higher picture resolution, fast scans, and the ability for your physician to examine these images and visualize physiological processes.

2. MRI high field scans are preferred by Riverhead, NY physicians in cases where exceptional clarity of anatomical detail is required, such as in imaging the brain.

What are some disadvantages of the MRI high field scan?

1. Patients in Riverhead, NY will be asked to lie down in a cylinder-shaped space that some may find uncomfortable. However, it should be known that this position is the optimal position for an imaging scan, producing the clearest results.

Talk to your primary care physician in Riverhead, NY about whether or not an MRI high field scan is right for you and your medical needs.

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