Treat Your Back Pain With Decompression Therapy

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Health

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Chronic back pain disorders can be debilitating and interfere in many people’s normal daily routines. In fact, chronic back pain can transform your life altogether. While medical procedures and prescriptions can be costly and have negative side effects, many patients who suffer from back pain in Miamisburg will seek alternative forms of therapy. This includes treatments given by a chiropractor such as spinal decompression therapy.


Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical approach to relieving chronic back and neck pain. This type of motorized traction is thought to work by gently stretching the spine. During this process, the position and forces acting on the spine are changed. The goal is to take excessive pressure off of the disks in the spinal column. These disks provide the cushion between the vertebrae, or bones that make up the spinal column.


If left untreated, the pressure applied on the vertebral disks may cause them to herniate, or bulge into the spinal cord. This will then affect the nerves of the spinal cord and may even create a pinched nerve. By relieving this pressure, you are preventing potential nerve pain, as well as increasing the movement of oxygen, water, and spinal fluid around the injured area. If you are already suffering from a herniated disk, having decompression therapy may offer relief from pain as well. Stretching the spine will allow everything to fall back into its normal place, and take the pressure off of the spinal nerves.


Medical physicians recommend decompression therapy to their patients to treat sciatica. Sciatica is a generalized disorder that causes nerve pain, which radiates from the lower back and down through the legs. Often times, this nerve pain is caused by a herniated disk or some other obstruction which is pressing on a key nerve, or a bundle of nerves, in the spinal cord.


Physicians also refer their patients to a chiropractor for decompression therapy to treat chronic pain disorders such as posterior facet syndrome or radiculopathy. These disorders are caused by worn spine joints, and injured spinal nerve roots. In particularly bad cases of back pain in Miamisburg, decompression therapy is paired with conventional forms of treatment, such as medication pain management.


If you have been suffering from extensive back pain in Miamisburg, there is hope. Many people have found relief by using decompression therapy treatments. Talk to your chiropractor or medical physician to see if decompression therapy can help your chronic back pain.








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