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Finding the Finest Compounding Pharmacies in Folsom

If you’re searching for the first time for just the right compounding pharmacy for your medical needs, you may be unsure of where to begin or feel overwhelmed at the process. But there’s no need to worry, as this task is not as difficult as it may seem. Here are some suggestions to assist you through the process.

The first and likely easiest step is to speak to your doctor about your specific needs for your medications and ask what pharmacy they might recommend. Make sure you fully explain to your physician your reasons behind wanting to use a compounding method rather than traditional mass-produced medications, such as having allergies to filler substances or wanting a more pure form of the medication you require. If your doctor cannot make a recommendation, there are plenty of other ways to find what’s right for you.

Begin by consulting the internet or your phone book for compounding pharmacies that are local to you. Select the ones that sound most appealing to you and then begin making phone calls or visits to speak to the staff in person. Be sure you’re armed with the proper questions. What are the proper questions? Read on.

The first question to ask is if the compounding pharmacy is PCAB accredited. Earning this distinction means that the pharmacy has met the highest standards of quality control and safe handling of all medications and their accompanying components. If the pharmacy can state that they have earned this designation, you’ll know that it’s safe choice. However, there are still other topics you may wish to address before committing to their services.

You may want to ask about how the long the pharmacy has been in business. A newer business with only a few years under its belt is not necessarily a bad thing, but an established, long standing company is going to have far more experience behind it, something that is important in ensuring your medications are made correctly. Ask about the training of the staff and what sort of education is required before hiring on a new employee.

Be sure to ask if the pharmacist or another member of the staff has the time and ability to educate you about your compounded medication. Make sure that they fully understand your personal needs and have the capabilities to prepare your medication properly.

Something else to consider asking is what the compounding pharmacy’s quality control procedures consist of. Ask about the sterility of the preparations made and if these are regularly checked to ensure continued quality. Ask if they regularly test their compounds to make sure the proper amount of the active ingredient is present so that you know you are getting the correct dosage.

This is just a suggestive list of questions you may want to ask before selecting your compounding pharmacy. Be diligent and patient, and if something seems off, move on to your next choice.