Minimizing the Effects of Cancer Radiation Treatment

by | Jan 21, 2013 | Health

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Cancer can really knock the wind out of a person, not only with the way they feel, but with the way they look as well. A diagnosis of cancer gives them a pit of fear in their stomach that they just can’t seem to get rid of. They know they will be facing a lengthy process of treatment, and the treatments can be just as scary as the disease itself at times. Millions of people are trying to fight cancer and the treatment side effects that come along with it. They are looking for any solution possible to make that fight easier. There are many different types of cancer, and when a person is being treated for it, they will typically have a combination of treatments that include surgical procedures, radiation and chemotherapy. The side effects from these procedures are numerous, with skin issues being one of them.

Solutions to Relieve Damaged Skin

When radiation is given to a cancer patient, it is given to deeply penetrate the skin at the site where the cancer is prevalent. Since it directly hits the skin, it can cause a range of skin related conditions. People that get treated with radiation can experience a form of dermatitis known as radiation dermatitis. This can really disrupt their lives, because it can be painful and uncomfortable if it is too severe. To relieve the problem, rehydrating creams and lotions should be considered. People with this condition will experience brittle skin that is scaly, flaky and peeling in appearance just like sunburns. There are plenty of remedies for these people, but their physician should be the one who determines what recourse they should take to eliminate the problem.

Use Products as Directed for the Best Results

It is important to use the lotions exactly as the directions say. Too much or too little could actually cause the person more problems, and it could take longer for them to get rid of the skin problems if they don’t use the products as directed. A patient doesn’t want to deal with skin conditions not only because they can be very irritating and a pain in their daily lives, but because it can change the appearance of their skin as well. These people are already struggling to keep their appearance looking as normal as possible, so the last thing they need is a skin flare-up that will leave them looking like a tomato. Building self-esteem is important with anyone, and especially with people who are fighting cancer. Keeping the skin healthy is incredibly important for these people. Even if you have a doctor’s approval to use cream for cancer radiation treatment, you should never use the products directly before a radiation treatment.

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