Finding the Best Hair Transplant Services in Pompano Beach, Florida

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Hair Restoration

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You have been losing your hair steadily for months now and you are ready to do something about it. You know that there is more than one approach the process and you are looking for the best FUT hair transplant in Pompano Beach, FL.

You have done research and learned that there are two types of hair transplants. FUT stands for follicular hair transplantation Pompano Beach FL. It is also known as a ‘strip’ procedure. This is the procedure that is said to be the best procedure you can get.

The procedure takes hair follicles from around the sides of your hair and the back of your hairline. They are transplanted to the top of your hair that no longer has hair growth. After placing them on the top of your head they grow into regular hair that can be combed to your liking.

The second form of hair transplantation is called FUE, which stands for follicular unit extract. This procedure is an alternative one to the preferred FUT process. It is for people who need less work, or those who are not good candidates for the preferred FUT process.

You should look for a physician who has experience with the FUT procedure (if it is determined that you are a good candidate for it). This treatment should only be done in a medical office and never a barbershop or hair salon. Only a licensed doctor can provide you with the best and safest procedure. With appropriate anesthesia, the process is virtually painless.

For FUT hair transplant in Pompano Beach, FL please visit the website of Dr. Richard Powell of the Powell Medical Hair Transplant Center at It is affiliated with the Feller and Bloxham Group.

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