Fertility Treatments Provided By a Physician in Grass Lake MI

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Health

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Numerous women struggle to become pregnant, often trying for months or longer with no results. They require assistance from a top physician to get the baby they have been dreaming about. A Physician in Grass Lake MI provides several types of fertility treatments to help women reach their goal of becoming a mother.

Counseling and Management

The first form of treatment is through simple counseling. The physician will speak to each woman about her struggles and work to create a plan that will best work for each. Management of the case will be completed throughout the entire fertility process.

HSG Test

HSG stands for hysterosalpingogram. This x-ray test looks inside the uterus and surrounding areas to determine if there are any abnormalities that could cause infertility. With this test completed, the physician can create a more accurate plan for fertility options.


If the HSG test does not produce results, then a laparoscopy may be necessary. This treatment involves making an incision in the abdomen to see inside to the female organs and abdominal organs. Any cysts, adhesions, or infections present will be seen, and samples can be taken for a biopsy. These abnormalities may be the cause of the fertility issues and need to be dealt with first before treatment can continue.

Intrauterine Insemination

One common type of fertility treatment for non-pregnancy is intrauterine insemination. A woman can get inseminated with her partner’s spermatozoon, so there is a better chance for fertilization to take place. This is because a larger sample is deposited so the chance increases that sperm would reach the fallopian tubes. If the partner is the one causing the fertility issues, then a sperm sample from a donor may be necessary for this process.

A Physician in Grass Lake MI works with each woman to help them achieve their goal for motherhood. Through counseling, testing, and insemination, the physician will attempt every procedure they can to help a woman become pregnant. Womenfirsthealth.com further explains the services offered and the evaluation needed for every couple who has not yet become pregnant after 12 months or more of trying.

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