Child Pediatric Doctors in San Antonio Texas Encourage Parents to Vaccinate Their Little Ones

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Healthcare

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Some new parents worry about whether they really need to have their children vaccinated against various illnesses. They have heard commentary about how vaccines don’t really work, and even cause disease and developmental disorders. They may not trust doctors about this issue because they figure physicians make money providing this service. Parents with these concerns may want to spend some time talking with Child Pediatric Doctors in San Antonio Texas about relevant research and the reasons that physicians are so adamant about young children getting their shots.

Parents might consider the illogical premise that vaccinations are big money makers for pediatric clinics. In reality, doctors would make more money if they had a clinic full of sick children. Pediatric physicians want their patients to stay completely healthy. That’s why a facility such as Clinica del Norte Pediatrics, also known as Sapeds Clinic, focuses a great deal on wellness. Having the recommended course of vaccinations during childhood is an important part of that quest for wellness.

Doctors understand the research that has been done on topics such as the possibility that vaccinations cause autism. The study that suggested a link has been discredited and has even been called an outright fraud. The Centers for Disease Control has conducted its own research verifying that there is no association between childhood vaccinations and autism.

The agency has also reviewed a large number of studies to confirm that vaccinations are safe. Nevertheless, the myth of the link between vaccinations and autism continues, and some parents refuse to make sure their children receive those preventive shots. This causes substantial risk to little ones who encounter anyone with an illness that could have been prevented. Often it’s babies who are too young to get vaccinated yet who catch a serious virus from an older child or adult who never received the preventive service.

Whereas illnesses such as chicken pox and mumps once were very common, children no longer have to endure these painful and aggravating conditions. Child Pediatric Doctors in San Antonio Texas want to make sure no children come down with life-threatening diseases such as a whooping cough and measles.

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