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Expert Tips on How to Care for Your Sprained Ankle in Plainfield

Spraining your ankle is no joke. Not only is it quite painful, but it can lead to lost work time as well as not being able to do the things you love due to lost mobility. However, there are ways that you can decrease healing time as well as increase mobility until your ankle fully heals. Here are some expert tips on taking care of your sprained ankle near Plainfield.

Rest It, Then Work It

Yes, doing a little bit of both actually helps your ankle heal faster. The key is moderation as too much rest or overuse can make the ankle stiff and sore. Talk with your doctor before doing exercises as they will know exactly which ones while prove to be the most beneficial.

Compress The Ankle

By wrapping a compression ankle around the ankle as soon as you sprain it, you are helping to decrease swelling as well as immobilizing the ankle so that the healing process can begin. The bandage that you use for compression should be wrapped snugly but should not be wrapped too tightly as this will be counterproductive.

Elevate It

During the first few days after injury, you should do your best to keep your sprained ankle near Plainfield elevated about chest level. This works to reduce swelling by allowing that part of your body to drain off excess bodily fluids.

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