Efficacious Regimens for Physical Therapy in Conroe TX

by | Feb 23, 2015 | Chiropractic

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Parts of the body that enable motile functionality are disrupted when there’s a disorder of the musculoskeletal system. It’s typically a composite of defects that affect one or more of the limbs of the body and the nervous system concurrently. The spine is affected by many with this condition. Parts of the spine can be in a deteriorating state that can trigger nerve sensitivity of the spine as well. A person who fits this criteria often experience moderate to severe pain on a chronic level.

The staff of Physical Therapy in Conroe TX give patients analytical examinations to determine the source of their pain and how the pain behaves. Only after making these discoveries, a pain management regimen tailored to individual needs is arranged. A pain management physician can provide a great deal of auxiliary help when working as a team with chiropractors. They treat conditions such as acute arthritis, herniated discs, shingles and nerve disorders. Patients who have severe cases of pain that take longer to allay might find a pain management doctor useful.

A pain management doctor can help a spinal disorders by targeting the nerves that cause pain in the spine. Disorders of the spine can send pain to the neck, arms and legs. An injection at the nerve root site can provide immediate and lasting relief. An inflamed nerve root can be the cause of intense pain and injection treatment can make up to half of the symptoms disappear. Patients who have pain originating from joints in the spine do well with facet blocks. This kind of pain is linked to arthritis. The pain management physician of Physical Therapy in Conroe TX injects a painkiller in the joint nerves. This is a diagnosing measure that tells if nerves at the joint are causing it. If so, the doctor eradicates the joint nerve so pain signals can’t be transmitted.

Compression fractures can be physically debilitating to a person who lives an active lifestyle. Vertebroplasty is a procedure that injects a cemented element in the compression fracture. The cement secures fragmented bones to ease compression. There are varying types and degrees of compression fractures. Some can be healed with rest and physical therapy. The types of fractures that can’t be healed undergo pain management treatments. Dr. Custer is a chiropractor with training in sports injuries and affirms that all these procedures eliminate or significantly reduce pain.

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