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Correct Your Cataracts With Surgery

If you have recently been diagnosed with a cataract in Smyrna, you are not alone.  According to the American Eye Association, millions of Americans are diagnosed with cataracts every year.  As you age, your eyes become susceptible to acquiring new disorders and conditions.  The structures in the eye simply wear out, and cannot work as well.  Heredity, disease, and medication side effects also play a role in creating acute and chronic vision conditions.  The good news is that while many people are affected by this blinding condition, there are new and innovative treatments that can help to slow the formation of cataracts, improve your vision, and correct your cataracts altogether.

People that have the onset of a cataract in Smyrna, may not have dramatic changes in their vision at first.  As the cataract progresses, however, your vision can become blurry and hazy, almost like looking through a fog.  Vision correction works well up to a point.  After your cataracts have progressed, you may need surgery in order to remove the cataract.  People who have had the surgery report amazing vision after their eyes have healed.  It can be a life changing experience to be able to see clearly after having difficulty seeing for so long.

During the surgery process, the eye doctor will replace your damaged lens with an intraocular lens (IOL).  Depending on your specific eye and eyesight capabilities, there are several different IOLs available, including a toric IOL, a standard monofocal IOL, an accommodating lens, or a multifocal IOL.

The standard monofocal IOL does not move within your eye and is customized to deliver perfect vision at one distance.  You may then need to wear corrective lenses for reading or looking at objects up close.  A multifocal lens can be used to see up close and at far distances.  This lens works a little differently by projecting multiple images, and requires your brain to decipher the changes.  Some people are not able to adjust to this new way of seeing.  An accommodating lens is able to flex using the natural muscles of the eye to focus.   Since this is the natural way an eye works to project images, it is a popular choice in lens.  It also works to correct eye problems.

While there are many options in correcting your cataract in Smyrna, your eye doctor can help you to decide which option is best for you.

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