Comprehensive Pet Care at a Pet Clinic in Olathe, KS

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Animal Health

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A Pet Clinic Olathe, KS is much more than just the place to take your dog or cat in for their required vaccinations. A pet clinic is really an animal hospital. Just like human medical care, an animal hospital can diagnose and treat just about any medical concern with your pet, from preventive care to internal medicine, dentistry, orthopedics, dermatology, radiology, laboratory, and more. Unlike human doctors, who go into one particular area of medicine, your veterinarian is your pet’s internist, dentist, orthopedist, dermatologist, radiologist, anesthetist, lab technician, and surgeon.

In addition to providing pet medical services, the doctor at your Pet Clinic Olathe, KS can also give pet parents advice on pet nutrition and on pet behavior like barking, digging, spraying, and aggression. There may be rare times when your pet will need a prescription that you’ll need to get filled at your regular pharmacy, but for the most part, the doctor will have all the required medications you will need on hand. The doctor can advise owners on flea and tick prevention and sell you the products he recommends. Vets also offer microchipping so your pet can always be identified.

A Pet Clinic Olathe, KS may also provide grooming and boarding services. This can be an extra measure of assurance from pet owners who aren’t sure about leaving their pet with a stand-alone groomer or boarding facility. When the groomer and boarding facility are at the veterinarian’s office, owners know that the veterinarian approves of their standards of care, and if anything were to happen, the veterinarian and all their medical equipment and medication are only a few steps away.

When you board your pet at a Pet Clinic Olathe, KS, you’ll be required to make sure your pet is fully vaccinated, and that’s even more convenient when the boarding kennel is at the veterinarian’s office. To make sure the boarding guests are not exposed to sick animals in the hospital kennel, the boarding kennel should be in a separate area. Because cats can get nervous when boarded in the dog area, the kennel should have another special area just for cats. For more information about these services.

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