Common Questions You May Have When Getting A Massage

by | Jan 22, 2013 | Health

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If you are getting a massage in Miamisburg for the first time, you may have a couple of questions about what to do. Sometimes, it can be awkward to ask these questions to the massage therapist or even the front desk. Some of the questions that you may be embarrassed to ask are discussed below.

It is difficult to know whether or not you should tip when you get a message. There is a common rule of thumb that you can follow. If you are getting a massage at a hotel, or a spa, it is polite to leave a tip. However, if you are receiving a massage at a medical clinic or massage therapy practice, it isn’t necessary to tip.

Some people wonder if they should talk during a massage in Miamisburg. Most people prefer to be completely silent so they can relax and feel the effect of the massage. However, some massages such as sports massages or deep tissue massages may require that you talk to the therapist throughout. Often, these kinds of massages tend to be a little bit more painful as they are designed to release tension in your muscles, or to relieve muscular pain that may be the result of an injury. You should always feel free to talk if you are uncomfortable; the environment is too cold or too hot, you have certain questions about the massage/technique, or if you are experiencing any kind of pain.

Sometimes, people are uncomfortable with certain massage clinics and wonder how they can find out if the business is legitimate or not. Massage therapy cannot be performed without a license or some kind of certification showing that the therapist has received a certain amount of training/education. If the therapists have licenses, it is the most obvious sign that the clinic is legitimate. Other signs of a good massage clinic include, whether or not they include therapeutic massages, and whether or not they require some kind of health survey or consultation before beginning the massage.

If you are getting a massage in Miamisburg and begin to experience any kind of discomfort, it is very important to communicate openly with your therapist. Some people get extremely uncomfortable when they feel that the therapist isn’t pushing hard enough or massaging the way they had in mind. It is important to be open with your therapist and tell them what you want to feel, and give them feedback throughout the massage so they can help you feel the effect you were hoping to receive.




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