Closed Vs. Open MRI Imaging in Delray Beach, FL

by | Jun 18, 2024 | Health & Medical

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While MRIs aren’t a fun day at the park, they’re also not something to fret over. An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is an excellent tool for diagnosing diseases such as cancer and dementia. They also allow the doctor to see the stage at which the disease has progressed, which greatly impacts the treatment plan. When you need MRI imaging in Delray Beach, FL, you’ll receive either an open or a closed MRI.

Closed MRIs

The more accurate of the two, closed MRIs have been used for decades. You lie on a padded table that moves into a narrow tube for the test. A strong magnetic field is used to create highly detailed images of your insides.

The major drawback of closed MRIs is the narrow tube. Some people do not fit into the tube, while others may struggle to stay in an enclosed space for the time it takes to complete the MRI.

Open MRIs

Open MRIs were created to address the disadvantages of closed MRIs. They’re much larger than a standard MRI and are performed in an open-faced machine. There will be machinery above and on top of you, but the space isn’t enclosed, thus making it more comfortable for anyone with claustrophobia or who doesn’t fit in a closed MRI. Additionally, if you need MRI imaging in Delray Beach, FL, but have auditory issues, an open MRI is much quieter than a traditional closed MRI.

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