Choosing Online Yoga Teacher Training

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Yoga

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Teaching kids the joys of the ancient art of yoga can be daunting, especially if your orientation in yoga is centered on the usual adult classes. However, did you know on the Internet you can actually get sufficient training so you will be able to teach kids aged 2-12 how to practice yoga? It all begins with the right kind of training, the right system and a positive outlook about teaching kids yoga.

How Does Online Training Work?

Online yoga training involves three things: a formal system, the trainers and the curriculum. Just like any other coursework, online certification for yoga teachers follows a linear path toward completion. There are two kinds of approaches to training people online. One is the more conventional model, where you will be required to complete course requirements within a specific timeframe. The other is the flexible model, where you are allowed to complete phases within the curriculum at your own leisure.

The Flexible Model

Flexibility is one of the strengths of yoga. Why shouldn’t an online training course be any different? The flexible model for teaching yoga teachers who teach kids is by far the most positive model. Because you are allowed to finish the curriculum at your own pace, the training system becomes second nature in no time and you will perform better as an instructor later on.

What You Should Get

In addition to the usual training involving poses fit for younger practitioners of yoga, you should also learn songs, behavior management techniques, age-appropriate activities and the right type of philosophy for teaching kids.

If you are looking for a training system that caters to yoga teachers who want to guide kids in doing yoga, visit the website today.

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