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Choosing a Supplement Manufacturer for Your Supplement Company

If you are looking to create your own line of supplements, then you need to have a good supplement manufacturer. Many believe this is the most important step, even though there are so many steps to creating a line of supplements.

Many people don’t consider just what could go wrong with their line and many of these are out of your control. For example, the supplement could fail FDA inspection, there could be a shortage of ingredients to make the product, or a delayed production schedule could keep your supplements off the shelves. All of these problems are something you can’t really control, but by finding a supplement manufacturer that will work for you, it could help a lot.

First of all, the manufacturer is the one making and packaging your product. You will have a full say in packaging materials and all the ingredients, but they will make the product for you. They have special machines and know a lot about ingredient prices and product development that you may not know. This can be very beneficial to you.

If you are a novice, then there is only a slim chance you could actually create and sell a supplement on your own. For example, you would need to find reputable suppliers, negotiate for pricing, bottle products and deal with FDA standards.

When looking for a supplement manufacturer, you should think about important points, such as:

  • Compliancy issues. Are they complaint with all required regulations? If not, consider a different manufacturer.
  • Services. What kind of business services do they offer? Do you need those services? Do they not offer something you need?
  • Their minimums. Most manufacturers have a minimum on orders, which means you need to order at least the minimum amount for them to make your product. If you require far less than the minimum, consider another manufacturer.
  • Stock recipes. Many manufacturers have specific recipes that can be used for many products. Find out about their recipes and if those will work for your product. This isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but it could help you both a lot.

You should also consider taking a tour of the facility and meeting with some of the employees to see if that facility will work for you.