Cataract Cape in Fort Myers FL – Protect Your Eyes and Vision

by | Aug 16, 2012 | Healthcare

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The eyes are the most profound sense organs in the body, after your olfactory system. So, when something threatens to affect your vision, you must make haste and do something about it. The cataract can be one eye condition which can make you lose your sight. Timely cataract treatment in Cape Fort Myers FL can protect your eyes and you can keep enjoying the visual pleasures of the world.

What is a cataract?
Cataract is an eye condition where the lens of your eye becomes cloudy, resulting in blurred vision. With time, the cloudy layer thickens until the lens become completely opaque and the person cannot see. However, if the cloudy layer is removed surgically at the right time, vision is reinstated.

What are the causes and symptoms of cataract?
In most cases, age is the cause of cataract. The risk of cataract increases multifold in people who are diabetic. Other factors which can trigger this eye condition are glaucoma, eye inflammation, hereditary factors, eye infection or injury, exposure to UV rays and smoking, to name a few. The first signs of cataract manifest with sensitivity to sunrays. The affected person finds it difficult to see any bright light. Night vision becomes rather foggy. It becomes difficult to make out definite shapes and rainbow colors appear as halos around objects. Differentiating between different shades of the same color also becomes tough.

What is the cure?
With advancements in ophthalmology, treating cataract is a simple process now. Laser surgery is the most common treatment and is extensively used for removing secondary cataract. Phacoemulsification and extracapsular cataract extraction are the two types of surgeries used to remove cataract. The affected lens is removed and an intraocular lens is inserted in the eye. Both of these are minor surgeries, do not leave any kind of scars or cause other damages to the eye.

Before you decide to get operated, there are certain important issues that you need to clarify with the cataract cape Fort Myers FL surgeon. Here are some of them.

  • Be sure about the kind of surgery being performed and its pros and cons. If there are side effects to be expected, you should know about them before undergoing the surgery
  • The duration of surgery is another issue which you should clarify. Usually, overnight stay in the hospital is not required. In the case wherein it is necessary, you should be aware about it
  • It is very important to know about the recovery period. Find out how long it will take for you to regain full vision and what are the aftercare measures that you need to follow
  • If you have any other kind of medical problems and illnesses, you should make sure that the condition is not exaggerated due to surgery

The cataract can be completely cured by timely intervention. If left untreated, a simple problem can blow into serious eye ailments and you could lose your sight permanently.

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