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Cardiac Imaging Provides a Mobile Solution for Better Health

Cardiac issues can have severe consequences on a person’s health and well-being. People suffering from heart-related disorders should ensure that they receive adequate medical attention at the onset to prevent complications in the future.

Some medical institutions have cardiac specialists who can help avert and treat such disorders. It’s recommended to only engage with qualified professionals with sufficient experience in dealing with complex heart-related cases.

What Are Radiotracers and How Do They Work?

People often ask, what are radiotracers, and how do they work? Radiotracers are chemical compounds that have some atoms replaced with radioisotopes. The compounds get administered by injection or swallowing and can get utilized by doctors to help trace body functions in the heart, blood vessels, etc.

The radiotracers work by aiding physicians in identifying issues with vital organs of the body. The doctors use a unique imaging device to track emissions from the chemicals within the patient’s body without having invasive procedures.

Pet Scan Cardiology

A pet scan cardiology helps doctors to identify heart problems without surgery. The scans utilize radiotracers and act as a non-intrusive way of providing essential information to doctors and surgeons.

Cardiac Imaging, Inc. specializes in cardiac-related problems. The institution is the only cardiac PET provider offering mobile PET imaging and Rb-82 PET MPI exams nationwide.

Cardiac Imaging doctors and specialists have a dedication to PET imaging with experience spanning over two decades. PET MPI is the gold standard for detecting heart disease and has gained wide recognition and usage nationwide.

Cardiac Imaging, Inc. specializes in saving lives using technology. Contact today to learn more.

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