Benefit From Taking Minoxidil Extra Strength for Men

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Health

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Minoxidil is an over-the-counter treatment that prevents hair loss and increases growth. It is proven to change baldness in men and women. Use the drug to support the growth of new and old hair. Other product names include Rogaine and Vanarex. Find out the benefits of minoxidil extra strength for men before you invest in the product.

Hair transplant experts can prove that Minoxidil works on small areas of hair loss. The drug reduces Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels that weaken hair follicles. The best results are received on the crown or vertex of the head. Minoxidil is better used on hair that wass lost recently. Long-term hair loss is not likely to return without a transplant. Set up a plan right away because early efforts lead to better results. It is easy to find the drug because it is sold online and over the counter without the need for a prescription.

The efficiency of Minoxidil may depend on the dosage. The use of a 5% dosage is stronger and more effective than the 2% dosage. Using more than the 5% amount is not guaranteed to work better. Even with excessive use, do not worry about hazardous side effects. A topical product is highly safe with minor effects like itching and scalp irritation.

As the user of Minoxidil, apply the medicine at least twice a day. Use the product for as long as necessary to maintain the consistent growth. Apply the treatment directly onto the scalp and leave it on for a few hours. You must apply Minoxidil on a regular basis. Once you stop treatment, the hair reverts to its pre-growth stage.

Minoxidil is a hair loss regimen that will never be a cure. Apply the medicine for as long as needed or you may risk losing the hair that took months to appear. Minoxidil comes with a wide range of benefits from safety to fast efficiency. It is approved by the FDA and does not interact with other medications. Style your hair as usual, and apply other hair chemical treatments. Follow the directions of minoxidil extra strength for men, and wait patiently for results.

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