Cat Behavioral Signs To Look Out For Before Visiting An Animal Clinic in Leawood KS

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Animal Health

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Cat owners love their cats. There’s just something special about a cat that makes you love them that much more. Cats are strong, powerful, an independent creatures. However, there’s one misconception that many cat owners share that can put their pets in a dangerous situation. Many cat owners tend to think that their independent cats will always be able to take care of themselves no matter what. Even though cats are more independent than dogs, you still need to pay careful attention to them. The following are some of the signs you should look out for in case your cat needs to visit an Animal clinic Leawood KS has available.

Some cats will suddenly begin to leave feces and urine outside of their litter box. Many pet owners look at this as simply a bad habit that the cat has started to pick up. Some may think the cat is misbehaving, or that the cat is doing this because it’s upset. In some cases, cats begin to do this because they’re not feeling well. Cats who use the bathroom outside of the litter box may be suffering from bowel disease. Kidney complications may also contribute to this type of behavior. Speak to a veterinarian at an animal clinic in Leawood KS just in case.

Because cats are so independent, they tend not to interact with their owners the same way as dogs frequently do. Although this behavior is common among cats, if your cat increasingly starts to avoid you, there may be something wrong. Many times cats become less interactive when they aren’t feeling their best. In a similar case, if your cat begins to increasingly act out, and shows unusual aggression towards you, they may also be suffering from pain that’s going unnoticed by you.

Paying careful attention to your cat’s behavior can really help you pick up on signs that indicate a problem. If your cat has started to act out abnormally, and just isn’t being themselves, don’t be afraid to take them to the clinic to get a check up. Carefully speak with the vet about the way your cat has been behaving, and they’ll try and help you figure out the problem.

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