Be Sure To Receive Diabetes Treatment In Palm Beach Gardens

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Health

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Diabetes is an epidemic in this country, and it is growing. 25.8 million children and adults have diabetes, and there are another 7 million undiagnosed people. Further, experts estimate close to a million new cases are reported each year. Doctors put part of the blame on a sedentary lifestyle, and the way Americans love fast food. The disease is also inherited, and may cause blindness, kidney failure and a host of other conditions. People who think they may be at risk, should go to the doctor.

Diabetes Treatment in Palm Beach Gardens is available at Family Medical & Urgent Care. Medical and Urgent care facilities are a good choice for individuals with no primary care physician. Family Medical and Urgent Care provides excellent treatment for a variety of conditions, including diabetes. Early treatment is essential to avoid disease complications. Common symptoms of diabetes include:

urinating often

feeling very thirsty

feeling very hungry-even though you’ve eaten

extreme fatigue

blurry vision

cuts/bruises that are slow to heal

Type 2 diabetes causes blood glucose levels to be higher than normal, and the body doesn’t make insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone, produced in the pancreas. Insulin controls how carbohydrates and fats are metabolized in the body. Doctors perform an A1C test to carefully determine whether people are diabetic. The A1C level shows the measurement of glucose, in the body, over a two to three month period. Patients are considered diabetic, if their A1C level is greater than 6.5%.

Diabetics have to measure their blood glucose level, regularly. Patients receiving Diabetes Treatment in Palm Beach Gardens are urged to keep a log of their daily results. Some people with type 2 diabetes manage their condition with oral medication. The pills help the body to stabilize blood glucose levels. The pills work best, when mixed with a healthy diet, and exercise. If the pills don’t work, the patient must inject themselves with insulin, daily. Many people are non-compliant with their medication and diet plan. Serious complications can arise, so diabetes is not to be taken lightly. Visit your doctor on a regular basis, check your insulin levels daily, take all medication and follow a low-carb, low sugar diet.


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