Abortion Clinic in Cook County: How to Cope After Having an Abortion

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Health

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Dealing with an unwanted pregnancy can lead to a ton of confusing and strong emotions. The choice to visit an Abortion Clinic In Cook County has to be yours and yours alone. You can talk it over with the baby’s father, your family, and even your friends, but ultimately the choice you make is your own. Often, having an abortion is made worse because the very people who should be supporting you throughout this traumatic time are the very people who are pushing you away. There are some strong emotions that most women will experience after having an abortion, below are some tips on how to cope with them.

The first thing you need to understand is that you are not alone in your feelings of guilt, anger, and depression. Over one third of pregnant women in America have had an abortion and most report having these feelings for months, sometimes even years.

Take the time that you need to grieve. No one can tell you how to feel and no one can tell you to just get over it and move on. You need to go through the range of emotions that accompany the aftermath of a terminated pregnancy so that you can heal and move on with your life. However, do this in your own time, and when you are good and ready.

Join a support group for women who have had to terminate their pregnancies. Often times it helps to talk to women that have been in your situation, because honestly only someone who has been there knows how you feel. The professionals at the Abortion Clinic In Cook County should be able to recommend some support groups for you to attend.

The biggest thing that you need to do, especially if you were coerced into terminating your pregnancy, is to forgive yourself. Admit that you made a decision that you regret, if indeed you do, and move on with your life. You can’t punish yourself forever and you need to have a full life as well. You need to realize that you are still a good person who deserves to be loved.



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